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2016-06-19 16:00

  • 主 演 :莎拉·路易丝·麦迪逊 Nathan Head


导演: Andrew Jones
编剧: Andrew Jones
主演: 莎拉·路易丝·麦迪逊 / Nathan Head
类型: 恐怖
制片国家/地区: 英国
语言: 英语
上映日期: 2014-09-08(英国)
片长: 90分钟
又名: Theatre of Fear
IMDb链接: tt2846292
死亡游乐园的剧情简介 · · · · · ·
  Prepare for a unique concoction of murder and mayhem as we take to the stage with the Moreau Family, a band of twisted misfits who travel around the UK performing a sinister variety act for unsuspecting audiences. Leave your inhibitions at the door and open your mind to an experience unlike any other as you witness one of the most bizarre crime sprees in the annals of British history. As the twisted family unleash their surreal brand of carnage, vengeful hit man Duke Enright is hot on their trail, determined to bring their show to a close.




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